South Africa

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Experience – and photograph – one of the world’s most sought after destinations. Realise your dream of an African Safari in a luxury lodge in Sabi Sands, a private concession of the Kruger National Park where the best game viewing is guaranteed. Capture the beautiful and varied landscapes of the dramatic South African Cape coastline with its many and varied inhabitants. And immerse yourself in the vibrant lifestyle of the continent’s southern citizens.

This is not your standard tour. Travel with like minded people to enjoy local culture, food, wine, art and photography. Travel at the best time of the year, when March ensures beautiful warm days, stunning sunsets and perfect morning light. And travel with your camera, aided by personalised workshops that help you take exceptional photographs – regardless of your skill level.

Led by travel organiser and event manager and host Ivy Ovzinsky, along with myself, the 14-day tour also offers the expertise of photographer and cultural safari guide James Gradwell for our cape-coastline visit, and the award-winning wildlife photographer Greg du Toit on safari.

There will also be guest foodie guides, chefs and location specialists. Look forward to an afternoon preparing African cuisine at a small cookery school that provides local residents with the skills needed to get jobs in top Cape Town hotels. Witness the thriving African art scene and how it is reforming antiquated buildings. And shop and photograph lively markets.

We stay in a mix of intimate, luxurious and exclusive accommodation, including an exclusive safari lodge, boutique hotels and a waterfront world-class international hotel – all providing excellent hospitality flavoured with the culture of friendly locals.

Non-photographic partners/friends are very welcome as there is plenty to see and do on this small group tour.

Photographic highlights:

  • Africa’s renowned wildlife, including the continent’s “Big Five”: elephants, lions, rhinos, buffalo and leopards
  • Dramatic African bush landscapes and sunsets
  • Cape fur seals in their natural habitat
  • Beautiful harbours and ocean vistas
  • Townships with bustling markets, quirky shops, and street performers
  • Colourful houses, architecture, gardens and character portraits of locals
  • The Cape’s iconic Table Mountain
  • Local cuisine and wine

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