Japan Photography Tour

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Marco Polo introduced Japan to the world in the 13th century. The country still fascinates travellers — especially those looking for unforgettable images. It's a nation where photographers can find inspiration around every corner, in every temple, down each narrow alleyway and among its exquisite world-class gardens.

A decimated country at the end of World War II, Japan has reinvented itself while still maintaining and enhancing its unique culture. That culture has consciously rejected foreign influences for centuries, ever refining its own society, which in turn has led to the unique and vivid scenes that stimulate the creative juices in every photographer.

The character of the island state's rugged landscape, its distinctive architecture, the fine detail in craftsmanship and the outgoing friendliness of its people all merge to offer a great destination for travellers with a camera. But capturing those images digitally can be a challenge, and sometimes the advice of a professional photographer comes in handy. That's where I come in.

I am offering my advice, suggestions, assistance and critiques to all with a digital camera in a boutique photography tour of Japan's largest island, Honshu — from the bright lights of the country's uber-urban capital Tokyo to the calm shinto and Buddhist shrines of the ancient capital Kyoto … and far beyond.

Travelling by means as varied as rickshaw to Shinkansen bullet train we'll visit the National Special Historic Sites and Landscapes that go back a millennium or more.

Whether you are a keen amateur, casual hobbyist or a happy snapper with a point-and-shoot camera, you'll encounter an extraordinary number of photography opportunities, from atmospheric alleyways, complete with hanging lanterns and intimate counter restaurants to the 500+ year old temples and their sacred gardens. I'll help you capture those striking images.

Highlights on the itinerary include:

  • Kyoto — was Japan's capital and the emperor's residence for more than 1000 years
  • Miyajima Island — the "Island of Gods", renowned for its floating shrine and torii gate
  • Kanazawa, a traditional seaside town with rustic neighbourhoods and one of Japan's most famous gardens
  • Hiroshima, survivor of the world's first atomic bomb explosion, and home to the astounding peace memorial museum
  • Yudanaka Onsen, the hot spring resort near the home of red-faced snow monkeys (Japanese Macaque)
  • Glamorous Tokyo neighbourhoods, reflecting the glittery extremes of the world's busiest intersection to the serenity of the Imperial Palace gardens
  • Street fashion ready to be photographed, from the latest subcultures and retro manifestations to the ultra traditional including colourful kimonos
  • Accommodation in boutique hotels and traditional Japanese ryokans

This 12-day, 11-night tour, organised by a leading Japan tour specialist, will be a great opportunity to not only experience the history of this unique destination and secure memorable photos, but also take away the photographic knowledge and experience to shoot successfully anywhere in the world.


Late March 2019 for spring blossoms (SOLD OUT)
Also, Late November 2019 for autumn colours