Like to travel with a camera?
Join me on one of my exciting photo adventures to some of the most photogenic destinations in the world.



Think Ethiopia, Africa’s cradle of civilisation where you will find stunning landscapes, rock-hewn churches that reflect its ancient Orthodox Christianity, and natural, friendly people untouched by commercial tourism.

South Africa

south africa

Explore the rich diversity of culture, wildlife and lifestyle – both traditional and contemporary – found on Africa's southern tip. It’s a destination like no other.



Join a sailing photographic adventure taking in Thailand’s island culture near Phuket or focusing on the atmospheric locales in Greece's Dodecanese Islands and Turkey's Turquoise Coast.



Immerse yourself in Japan's cultural mix of ancient and modern, where sublime World Heritage merges with a contemporary multilayered society – and rejoices in brash commercialism.

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The world is full of unique destinations – photogenic locales that beg to be explored with a camera – and I lead photography tours to some of the best. I have chosen these countries specifically for the light, the colours, the eye-catching images that demand your attention, and the social interplay that ignites new photo opportunities.

Why go with me? I have visited nearly sixty countries with my camera and have not found one that did not provide opportunities to capture a new take on life. I’ve experienced the first-world, third-world, emerging economies and even a few countries long considered pariahs. I’ve travelled in luxury, or carried a backpack; experienced how the rich abide, or survived some dives. But boredom never set in as long as I could shoot the local scene.

On my tours I give professional advice, help solve photographic problems, offer on-the-spot critiques, and encourage the camaraderie among those who share the same passion. All skill levels are welcome. Just bring your enthusiasm and crop out life’s boring bits.